Prosthodontics – Research

Thesis and ongoing research :-
  • Comparison of mechanical and physical properties of contemporary dental luting agents.- Dr. Deepika Jindal
  • Inner Canthal Distance, Geometric progression as a predictor of width of maxillary central incisor and determining its width to height ratio.- Dr.Poonam Bali
  • Effects of mechanical properties of nickel chromium alloys by their re-use in casting.- Dr. Gurleen Kaur
  • Resilient Liners- Comparative peel bond and tensile bond strength to PMMA resin.- Dr. Palwinder Kaur        
  • Influence of connector design on the fracture probability of all ceramic fixed partial dentures- A finite element analysis.- Dr. Maan Surinder Singh
  • Effect of Dentin desensitizers on crown retention.- Dr. Malwinderwant Kaur Sandhu  
  • Stress distribution of two different tooth preparation designs in metal ceramic crowns- A finite element analysis.- Dr. Jashpreet Kaur        
  • The effect of glass fiber reinforcement of the fracture resistance of a provisional fixed partial denture.- Dr. Vikas Chhabra
  • Evaluation of antimicrobial role of disinfectants on impression materials.- Dr. Barinderjit Kaur        
  • Accuracy of an impressions technique with angulated implants .- Dr. Gurpreet Kaur
  • Effect of surface treatment of fiber post on the retention of core materials – an in Vitro study.- Dr. Sanjeev Sehgal        
  • Shear bond strength of a ceramic to alternative metal alloys -a comparative study.- Dr. Jaswinder Kaur
  • Comparative study of micro-leakage of core material under complete cast crown – an in Vitro study.- Dr. Gautambir Singh Sodhi
  • Accuracy of metal and plastic dual arch impression trays- A comparative in Vitro study.- Dr.Sheveta Bansal        
  • Effects of Temporary Cements with antimicrobial agents on the retention & micro leakage of provisional crown- an in vitro study.- Dr.Ramninder Kaur Bawa
  • Retention of various over-denture posts- an in vitro study.- Dr.Sanam Kumar
  • The effect of surface conditioning and taper angle on the retention of All-ceramic crowns.- Dr.Anudeep Kaur        
  • Comparative evaluation of marginal fit of different cast copings.- Dr.Priyanka
  • Evaluation of comparative bond strength of resin and non resin cements to different alloys.- Dr.Navneet Kaur Sandhu
  • Effect of incorporation of antimicrobial monomer MUPD in denture base resins on candida albicans growth in complete denture.- Dr.Harpreet Kaur        
  • Border morphology produced by different border moulding materials- a comparative in vivo study.- Dr. Gaganpreet Kaur
  • Effect of monomer content in the polymer-monomer ratio on the displacement of maxillary teeth and on the dimensional accuracy of maxillary denture base in microwave and conventional polymerisation – an in vitro study.- Dr. Karan Handa