Oral-Medicine- Publications


1.) Differential diagnosis of Caries
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
The IDA Times: Feb 2006; 13.

2.) Differential diagnosis of Caries
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
The IDA Times Apr 2006: 2(8) ; 13.

3.) Radiology and periodontal disease.
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
The IDA Times: May 2006: 2(9); 13.

4.) Differential diagnosis of Pericoronal lesions
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
The IDA Times: Jun 2006; 13.

5.) Differential diagnosis of white lesions of the oral mucosa without premalignant potential
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
The IDA Times: Sep 2006; 13.

6.) Differential diagnosis of white lesions with premalignant potential.
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
The IDA Times Oct 2006: 3(2); 13.

7.) Differential diagnosis of gingival enlargement
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
(Localized) The IDA Times: Nov 2006; 17.

8.) Differential diagnosis of gingival enlargements.
Umarji HR, Chawla P.
. The IDA Times: May 2007; 5.

9.) Cheiloscopy as an aid to forensic methodology
Narang RS, Chawla P, Randhawa K.
IJCDC 2011: 1(1); 58-61..

10.) Comparitive efficacy of tacrolimus 0.03% ointment and triamcinolone 0.1% in treatment of oral lichen planus
Chawla Arora P, Randhawa K, Narang RS, Navkiran.
IJCDC 2011: 1(1); 62-66.

11.) Dental Dilemma 1
Randhawa K, Chawla Arora P.
IJCDC 2011: 1(1); 90.
12.) A study of role of mandibular canine index in sex determination
Narang RS, Manchanda AS, Randhawa K, Chawla Arora P, Khurana R.
IJCDC 2012: 2(1); 139-142.

13.) Radiographic localization of impacted maxillary permanent canines: Comparison of two techniques
Randhawa K, Chawla P, Narang RS, Manchanda AS.
IJCDC 2012: 2(1); 172-76.

14.) 5 % Amlexanox and polyherbal formulation (Hiora SG gel) in the treatment of recurrent Aphthous ulcers: A comparative study
Chawla P, Randhawa K, Manchanda AS, Narang RS, Navkiran.
IJCDC 2012: 2(1); 109-113.

15.) Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity.
Manchanda AS, Narang RS, Chawla Arora P, Randhawa K
IJCDC 2012: 2(1); 134-38.

16.) Can carotid stenosis be predicted by dental radiographs?
Chawla Arora P, Umarji HR.
The Internet Journal of Internal Medicine. 2011: 9(1).

17.) Metal mesh reinforced denture as a means of preventive prosthodontics: a case report
Arora A, Chawla Arora P, Gupta S, Gupta R.
Journal of updates in dentistry. 2011: 1(1); 1-4.

18.) Study of effect of age changes on lip print pattern and its reliability in sex determination
Randhawa K, Narang RS, Arora PC.
J Forensic Odontostomatol 2011; 29: 2; 45-51.

19.) Dentigerous cyst of inflammatory etiology- A diagnostic dilemma
Narang RS, Manchanda AS, Arora P, Randhawa K
Annals of Diagnostic Pathology 16 (2012), 119-23.

20.) Sexual Dimorphism in permanent first molar: A forensic tool
Narang RS, Manchanda AS, Arora PC, Kaur G
IJCDC 2012: 2(2); 224-27.

21.) Correlation of chronological, dental and skeletal age: A radiographic study
Arora PC, Arora A, Randhawa K, Narang RS, Manchanda AS, Kaur S
IJCDC 2012: 2(2); 228-32.

22.) Histologic diversities in pleomorphic adenoma- An aid or a diagnostic challenge: A case report
Manchanda AS, Narang RS, Arora PC, Dhillon HS
IJCDC 2012: 2(2); 289-91.

23.)Single tooth implants as a treatment option for missing maxillary anterior teeth: A case report
Arora A, Arora PC, Duggal A, Seth R
IJCDC 2012: 2(2); 296-99.



Dr. Balwinder Singh

1.) “Polymorphous Low Grade Adenocarcinoma- A Rare Case Report
IJCD • December, 2010 • 1(3):89-92.

2.) Sonoporation, a redefined ultrasound modality as therapeutic aid: A review
Exp Dent. 2011;3(3):e228-34.

3.) Colposcopy – a new ray in diagnosis of oral mucosal lesion
Indian Journal of Dental Research 2011; 22(6), 53-58.

4.) Inter Professional Education- Where we are heading?
Karnataka State Dental Journal- 2010; 29(2)Apr-Jun.

5.) To evaluate the efficacy of Ultrasonography compared to clinical diagnosis, radiography and histopathological findings in the diagnosis of maxillofacial swellings
European Journal of Radiology 81 (2012) 1821–1827.

6.) Saliva As diagnostic tool in detection of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen in Patients
Compendium ,33(3):2012.

7.) Correlation of serum oestrogen with salivary calcium in post-menopausal women with and without oral dryness feeling
. Gerodontology 2011; doi: 10.1111/j.1741-2358.2011.00580.

8.) Knowledge and Antibiotic Prescription patter among General Dentist
. J of Stomatognathic Sciences. 2012 2 (2):15-18.

9.) Burning Mouth Syndrome : A review and Update
. . J of Stomatognathic Sciences. 2012 2 (2): 50-53.

10.) Odontogenic Myxoma Mimicking Ameloblastoma- A Diagnostic Dilemna
. J of Stomatognathic Sciences. 2012 2 (2):8-12.

11.) Adenomatoid Odontogenic tumor arising from dentigerous cyst. A rare case report
. Contemporary Clinical Dentistry (Under Issue Preparation).



1.) Lymphangioma – a case report with review of literature
Shishir Ram Shetty, Chandni Mishra, Arshdeep Kaur, Subhas Babu.
.Nigerian dental journal 2009:17(1).

2.) Extranodal B-cell lymphoma: A case report with a review of the literature
Arshdeep Kaur, Subhas Babu Gogineni , Shishir Ram Shetty, Chandni Mishra.
Cleidocranial Dysplasia- Report of two cases.

3.) Extranodal B-cell lymphoma: A case report with a review of the literature
Arshdeep Kaur, Chandni Mishra, Subhas Babu Gogineni, Shishir Ram Shetty.
Kerala Dental journal 2009: 32 (4); 211-213.

4.) Palatal schwannoma in an elderly woman.
Shishir Ram Shetty, Chandni Mishra, Pushparaj Shetty, Arshdeep Kaur and Subhas Babu
Gerodontology 2012:29(2)june;1133-1135.

5.) Marfan Syndrome – Report of two cases with review of literature
Arshdeep Kaur Randhawa, Chandni mishra, Subhas Babu Gogineni, Shishir shetty.
Nigerian journal of clinical practice 2012; Jul-Sept; 15(3): 162-166.

6.) Multiple myeloma with primary manifestation in the mandible: a case report
Arshdeep Kaur Randhawa, Subhas Babu Gogineni, Shishir shetty, Chandni mishra. .
Nigerian dental journal 2010; Vol 18 (2) Jul-Dec.: 80-82.