Conservative Dentistry Dissertation

List of Library Dissertation :-
  • Comparative evaluation of various obturation techniques employed to seal root canal system. Dr. Anshuman Kharbanda (2005)
  • Minimal intervention in conservative dentistry – Its scope and evaluation for success of treatment. Dr. Ripu Daman Singh (2005)
  • Evaluation of modified smear layer in restorative dentistry and endodontia. Dr. Simran Sandhu (2005)
  • Inhibition of secondary caries by direct tooth colored restorative materials. Dr. Deepti Dhingra (2006)
  • Factors affecting breakage and distortion of profile, protaper and K3 endo nickel titanium rotary instruments. Dr. Preet Kanwal Kaur Atwal (2006)
  • Evaluation of the effects of Argon, CO2, neodymium,Yttrium,aluminium,garnet and erbium : Yttrium, aluminium, garnet (Er:YAG) Lasers on hard and soft tissues of oral cavity. Dr. Vishali Sethi (2006)
  • Efficacy, side effects and patients’ acceptance of different bleaching techniques and materials. Dr. Gagandeep Kaur (2007) – 2 copies
  • Tissue engineering – Its application to regeneration of dentin and pulp.Dr. Neha (2007)
  • Comparison of calcium hydroxide, Polyantibiotic – Corticosteroids and newer agents, in treatment of cariously exposed vital pulp. Dr. Preeti Rai (2007)
  • Root canal irrigants and its effect on dental hard and soft tissues. Dr. Ashish Handa (2008)
  • Intra – radicular rehabilitation of endodontically treated teeth. Dr. Neetu Bala (2008)
  • Recent advances in dental ceramics. Dr. Rupam Kaur (2008)
  • Role of radiology in Conservative dentistry and endodontics. Dr. Kanishk Mohanty (2009)
  • Role of magnification in Conservative dentistry and endodontics. Dr. Lovely Arora (2009)
  • Comparative evaluation of various instruments and techniques employed during biomechanical preparation of root canal. Dr. Rajnish Jindal (2009)
  • Methods of detecting microorganisms in root canal. Dr. Amit Bhagat (2010)
  • Role of computed tomographic scanning in dentistry. Dr. Simran Malik (2010)
  • Pathologic tooth resorption. Dr. Simran Nijjar (2010)